Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

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Semper Gaudete!: Horn: Setting record straight in dispute | Amarillo Globe-News

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Semper Gaudete!: Treasures I Found While Looking For The Trapp Family Singers on YouTube

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Semper Gaudete!: Books Read in the Past Week

Books Read in the Past Week

[Books read for the first time are marked with a #]
"The Story of the Trapp Family Singers"
by Maria Augusta Trapp
(autobiography/biography, Catholic)

"Drowning Anna"#
by Sue Mayfield
(children's fiction)
{older children}
[I'm writing a post about this book, which will
be up one day next week.
Please be aware that I write mostly about my reactions
to the events and characters in a book.]

"First Term at Malory Towers"
"Second Form at Malory Towers"
by Enid Blyton
(children's fiction)

"the teen-ager's guide to
collecting practically anything"
by Norah Smaridge and Hilda Hunter
[I passed my teen years lo, these many years ago,
but I love books for teen-agers, and
I love to read about hobby collections.]

Seek and You Will Find!

I was looking for a painting of The Nativity to add to my collection. Sounds easy, doesn't it? After all,there are so many beautiful paintings of this event!
Ah, but I was looking for something a bit different; I wanted a painting with a
cat in it, because of the beautiful legend about how a tabby cat purred the newborn
Baby to sleep and was rewarded by Mary with the "M".
(That's a VERY short version of the story!)
Well, "Seek and you will find."
Here is the painting
I found. I think it is a purrfect addition to my collection!