Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Themed Resolutions

This year, I have several resolutions, all with a similar theme.

1: Pray more slowly, especially the Rosary and the
Chaplet of Mercy.

2: Practice Lectio Divina, using a passage, or
a portion of a passage, from that day's Mass
readings.  Read the passage slowly, and then choose
a small, a very small, part of that passage and
"feed on it" for the rest of the day.
(It would probably be best to do this in the

3: Read EVERYTHING more slowly, and perhaps,
sometimes, even practice super-slow reading.

4: Eat and drink more slowly.  I don't gulp,
but I still want to slow down in this department.

So is the theme of these resolutions slowness?
No.  The theme of these resolutions is savoring.