Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Lately, I've been researching my family tree from both my parents' sides.
 I never met my paternal grandmother, who is deceased now. She lived too far

 away, and somehow we just never got in touch. 
(My paternal grandfather died before I was born.)
Well, the other day I joined ancestry.com, and since then I've made a few discoveries
about my father's family, the family I never really knew.
I always knew that my father was born in Wisconsin, but now I know the name of the town: New London. 
I've known for a long time that his mother was of Swedish descent, but until a couple of days ago, I did not know that her given name was Estella (which is funny because I've always liked that name!) and she was born in Michigan, probably in Menominee Ward 7, Menominee, Michigan.  
Also, I never knew her maiden name, but now I believe it was Janson.  My reason for believing this is that her parents (my paternal great-grandparents) came from Sweden, as did the parents of the Estella whose maiden name was Janson.
But I haven't, so far, been able to find out what part of Sweden they came from.
And now, the reason I've named this post Farmor.  That is the Swedish word for one's paternal grandmother.  I would like to have called my paternal grandmother "Farmor."