Monday, February 27, 2012

NunEssential: Planned Parenthood's Latest Propaganda

NunEssential: Planned Parenthood's Latest Propaganda: Lord, have mercy. Check out this article about Planned Parenthood's latest condom propaganda. Suffice it to say that their slogan is "sex...

Planned Parenthood? Sounds
more like Planned Promiscuity!

"nor shall you stand by idly"

One sentence, or rather part of a sentence, from the first reading this morning really
struck me:
"nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor's life is at stake."
And, in this context, my neighbor is every unborn baby in danger of abortion.
I may not be able to attend Pro-life marches, or pray in front of an abortion clinic,
but I can support Priests For Life to the best of
my ability, and I can, and must use this blog to speak for those who cannot speak
for themselves.