Monday, November 15, 2010

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Guess what I received in today's snail mail?
An invitation to join the most hypocritically named organization in the world...
Planned Parenthood!!
I responded, using their own business reply envelope, that I am 100% per cent
opposed to everything they stand for, and I told them not to ever contact me
again. Usually, if I don't wish any further mailings from anyone, I say,
"Please remove me from your mailing list. Thank you."
This time, I didn't bother with "please" and "thank you".
Oh, and I didn't put a stamp on the envelope. Let them lose a little
money, even if it's only a few cents.
I've decided that if they do contact me again, I will mark the envelope "Return
to Sender. I am 100% PRO=LIFE!"