Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm not talking/writing about the CREATIVE act of writing. No. What I miss is the PHYSICAL act of writing, writing  with a pen. Yes, in spite of my dysgraphia, which makes it so hard, almost impossible, for me to write legibly, I miss the feel of a pen in my hand, the sound of a pen scritch-scratching, and tip-tapping on paper. I even (almost!)  miss the writer's cramp. 
Oh, I'm not saying anything against the convenience of writing on the computer, and
being able to delete a word, a sentence, a paragraph and start over without wasting paper. And I'm most definitely not saying anything against being able to choose not only the words,
but the fonts, the sizes, the colors. No. After a lifetime of struggling with my
penmanship, it is a pleasure, a great pleasure, to be able to control the appearance of my writing.
And I have to admit that I like the feel of my fingers on the keyboard.

The above post was taken, slightly modified, from one of my old blogs.

Is It EVER Justifiable For Someone To Have An Abortion?

Is it ever justifiable for someone to have an abortion? The answer, believe it or not, is YES. Oh, I can almost hear the gasps and see the heads shaking in disbelief.
But yes, it is justifiable and sometimes even advisable for someone to have an abortion...
in a fictitious work whose purpose is to send a strong PRO-LIFE message.
I have read many moral stories written to teach children not to lie. In almost every

one of these tales, at least one child tells at least one lie, with severe, sometimes even
tragic, consequences. I wonder how many real children were kept from lying by reading these stories.
In the same way, a story in which someone has an abortion, and then suffers in some way because
of it, could very well serve as a deterrent to an actual abortion. An actual abortion is never justifiable.