Jots of Joy

This is an offshoot of my Gratitude Attitude Game, and was inspired by the Jolly Book in "Pollyanna Grows Up."

It’s so easy to notice the BIG events, the major celebrations.   This is about the LITTLE things.

The light blue color of the the walls in the den.

The scent of coffee. 

Feeling the sun on me…. warm but not too warm.

When my cat, Winky, gives me a forehead rub.

The sound of a train’s whistle.

Seeing the first dandelions of the year.

Seeing a baby squirrel.

That little moment right before I fall asleep at night.

Starting a new collecting hobby.

Reading a good book for the first time.

Re-reading a favorite book.

Hearing, on the radio, an almost-forgotten song.

Receiving a package almost a week before I expected it.

Popping bubble wrap.

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