Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Internet Giving

One of my favorite books is "Try Giving Yourself Away," by the late David Dunn.  The author expanded the book twice; the third edition had twelve more chapters than the first.
I really wish that somebody, perhaps one of David Dunn's descendants, would write a new edition, incorporating ways of self-giving on the Internet.

I can think of a few ways myself.

1: Typing a kind, encouraging response to someone who posts about a problem he or she is having.  The words "You are in my prayers" can be very encouraging.

2: Speaking up for, and saying a few kind words to, someone who is being attacked online. 

3: Sharing/Retweeting good posts/Tweets.

4: Sharing links to good websites.

5: Being kind in an unseen way by not pointing out somebody's mistakes in grammar and/or spelling.

Little Things

[Old post, reposted]

I love this quote from my Patron Saint, Therese of Lisieux, whose feast we celebrate today:
"Pick up a pin for the love of God, and you may save a soul."
How right, how wise! We may not be called to do great things, but we can do the little, everyday tasks for the love of God, and then how great, how valuable those little tasks become.
No work is menial if it is done for the love of God.