Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Names

I discovered the maiden names of TWO of my ancestors,  thanks to
My maternal great-great grandmother Leah Wechsler's maiden name was Kronenfeld.
[Great-great grandmother was rather a heroine in Viznits, Austria; I will share the story of how that came about tomorrow.]
My paternal great-grandmother Hulda Isberg's maiden name was Anderson (or Andersson).
  I also learned the origin of the surname Isburg.  Two brothers adopted the name; they were the first Isbergs.  Jonas Isberg is my great-great grandfather.  
There were, and are, Isbergs all over Sweden, and all over the United States.
My branch of the family came from Bullmark, and settled  in Burdell, Michigan.
For anyone who has an account on, here is my family tree.
I wonder if there are still some Isbergs in Bullmark!