Saturday, October 16, 2010

The 2nd Luminous Mystery

I have seen it suggested that, when we meditate on this Mystery, we think of a Jewish wedding, with the music, and the dancing. Well, that makes my meditation on that Mystery a bit anachronistic. When I think of a Jewish wedding, the music, the dancing, I think "Hava Nagila"!

Well, Someone Was Paying Attention

{This post has appeared, in slightly different form, in at least two of my older, more or less defunct, blogs.}

This happened thirty-odd years ago in my parish Church, Guardian Angel, in Brooklyn, New York.
Back then I usually went to evening, rather than morning,  Mass,  (except on Sunday) so I didn't actually witness this.  I  did, however, hear about it from more than one person who was there.
 Fr. Kelly, who was the pastor at that time, had a beautiful black cat named Midnight, who frequently attended Mass. One morning when Midnight was there, Fr. Kelly said, "Bring a friend to Church."
 The next day, several members of the congregation almost fell over when Midnight walked in with another cat!