Thursday, August 23, 2012

Approaching Two Collections From Opposite Directions

[The title of this post almost rhymes! LOL.]

The way I collect decorative magnets, and the way I collect "Break-Offs" are very different.
For my decorative magnet collection, I will often look for a specific kind of magnet, such as a bird, a fish, or a fruit. I spend money (not too much due to being on a fixed income) on this collection.
This is not the way I add to my Break-Off Collection. I never look for any specific item, although there are some I'd like to have, such as a handle from a dresser drawer.
I simply add items as I find them, and I will never spend money on this collection.
One thing I do with both my offline collections is to catalog them on my computer. Another thing, and this is the most important thing, that I do with both of my offline collections is.....