Saturday, June 11, 2011

Books Read in the Past Week

"Six Star Ranch"
"Pollyanna Grows Up"
by Eleanor H. Porter
[chapters 1-15 only; explanation to follow.]
Plus the books in my "Currently Reading" list!

Well Meaning, But Mistaken

Abortion and euthanasia are evil; there is no denying that. However, I do not believe that everyone who supports these evils is himself or herself evil.
(Some are, of course, for example those who support and promote abortion on the basis of race.)
And yet, there are those who believe in euthanasia as a way of ending pain and suffering. Perhaps, if I did not believe in God, in the Afterlife, in the value of suffering, I would feel the same way.
There are people who feel that a child who would be born severely handicapped should be aborted,
because the quality, the value of that child's life would be so poor. This is misguided compassion; we cannot really judge the quality or the value of anyone's life. The child has a soul; that is all the quality that is needed.
As for the value: Perhaps, in caring for that severely handicapped child, his or her family
will gain a deeper sense of compassion.
Bottom line: Those who support abortion and euthanasia, no matter what their motives, are
still supporting evil.

Old Meets New: Commercial

This is from 1948.