Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treasures I Found While Looking For The Trapp Family Singers on YouTube

I'm reading (not for the first time) "The Story of The Trapp Family Singers" by Maria Augusta Trapp, and so I decided to see if I could find any of their performances on YouTube. I do have some of their recordings stored on my computer, but I wanted something that I could share on this blog.
Well, during my search, I discovered that "The Sound of Music" was NOT the first movie about them. There was an earlier German movie, "The Trapp Family In America".
However, I wanted to find something by the real Trapp Family, not by actors portraying them, no matter how beautifully.
Well, I found a little gem!

And as if this weren't enough, I also came across, as a wonderful bonus, two clips of
Maria Augusta Trapp with Julia Andrews! And yes, they sing together!

Part 1

Part 2