Saturday, April 23, 2011

Book Read in the Past Week

Book, not books!
By "Read in the past week" I really mean "Finished in the past week",
but you probably figured that out for yourselves.
"The Cloister Walk"
by Kathleen Norris
(non-fiction, Catholic themes [Protestant author])

{Two uses of the "F" word (in quoted conversations,
and NOT in any monastic settings.}
I could have done without the "F" word, but this
is still a lovely book.

My Good Friday Meals

I almost forgot to blog this!

One soft pretzel in the traditional shape.
One-half baked potato. 
(Not to be confused with one half-baked potato!)
(My full meal)
Two eggs, sunnyside up on buttered, seedless rye bread
(I love the phrase, sunnyside up!)
The other half of the potato

I Also Read Comic Books

This post originally appeared in one of my old blogs, and was first reprinted here in July, 2010.
It has been very slightly modified.
I remember racing (okay, so not exactly racing, but it's a good cliche) to the corner candy store on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see which comic books had come in. Then, there was the ecstatic agony of deciding which ones to buy. Of course, I did have some favorites that I always bought, and my Aunt Lily (really my great-aunt, my Baba's sister) could usually be counted on to treat me to a comic or two every week.
My favorites were "Sugar and Spike", "Little Lulu","Dennis the Menace", "Little Audrey", "Little Dot", "Richie Rich", "Archie", "Betty and Veronica", and, as I grew older, "Superman", "Lois Lane", "Jimmy Olsen" and "Supergirl". I didn't start reading "Batman" until the TV show whet my appetite.
I should also admit that I liked "Tippy Teen". Anyone else remember her short-lived comics? In some ways, her universe paralleled that of the "Archie" comics. Among Tippy's friends were a Moose-like boy called Animal, and a Dilton Doily type whose name escapes me at the moment.
No wonder the Tippy universe resembled, in some ways, the Archie universe. I've just found out, through a Google search, that Dan Decarlo, who worked on many of the "Archie" and "Betty and Veronica" comics, also worked on "Tippy Teen". LOL!
I am delighted, absolutely delighted, that so many comic stories from my childhood and earlier have been reprinted, either in digest form, or in hardcover. I'm even more delighted that some are available online.

I Also Write Fan Fiction

I may be one of the oldest fan fiction writers in the world, but I'm not the oldest of all time. That honor belongs to a grandmother who was writing fanfics in her 60s. (I wish I knew her name; I'd love to read her stories.)
Most of my works are based on the classic soap opera, "Another World", but I've done
other things as well. One of them is this Little Lulu Story.

What Kind of Lent Has It Been?

Title adapted from the  Season one finales of:
Sports Night
The West Wing
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Well, it hasn't been exactly the Lent I planned to have.
I didn't pray the Stations of the Cross as much as I meant to. But then again, the only way
I really like praying the Stations is in Church.
I didn't really miss the things I gave up, and, call me crazy, but I like to miss, to crave, the things I give up. I like to feel that I'm actually making some kind of a sacrifice,
although no sacrifice of mine could come close to Our Lord's sacrifice.
But then again, maybe what He wanted me to "give up" this year was the feeling that I was
making a sacrifice.
And, while I'm taking stock:
1: Have I prayed more this Lent than during Ordinary Time?
2: Will I continue to pray as much as I did during Lent?
3: Have I drawn closer to Jesus during this Lent?
I think so.
Will I stay this close to Him?
I pray that I will come closer.
So, all in all, what kind of Lent has this been?
A blessed one, as Lent should always be.