Monday, March 19, 2012

NunEssential: Woman Who "Loves Abortion" Reveals Death Agenda

NunEssential: Woman Who "Loves Abortion" Reveals Death Agenda: How sad that a woman can be so broken that she openly embraces murder of the most innocent and claims to love it. Usually we call people ...

We need to pray that Jessica delBalzo has a complete and total change of heart.

Homily 2012-03-19 - Fr Roger Landry - diocese of Fall River Mass

This is a wonderful homily on St. Joseph.

Reposted: The First Saint I Ever Heard Of

Slightly adapted from a post in one of my old blogs

Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary. People love to quote the saints, but we cannot quote St. Joseph. None of his words have been preserved.
I take that back about not being able to quote St. Joseph. We cannot quote his words, but we can, and should, "quote" his devotion to Jesus and Mary.
St. Joseph was the first saint I ever heard of, but that was because of the children's aspirins! LOL!
I like simple, homely {homely as in homelike, not, definitely not, as in unattractive] images. I love to think about St. Joseph walking the floor when the Baby Jesus was teething.