Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Well, another week has gone by, and it's time once again for
Sunday Snippets!  Thanks to RAnn for hosting.  I've found some wonderful blogs here.  How about sharing yours?

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #
Books, (except Sunday books) are grouped by author, and not necessarily in the order read.

"Between Heaven and Mirth"#
by James Martin, SJ
(Kindle book)
"Why I Entered The Convent"
edited by Rev. George L. Kane
(published in the 1950s)
"Once a Jew"
by Rev. Arthur B. Klyber, Redemptorist
"Travelers Along the Way"
by Fr. Benedict Groeschel
[Kindle book]
"A Right to Be Merry" #
by Mother Mary Francis, P. C. C
{Sunday books}

Bible books read this week:
"The Gospel According to John"

"Anne of Avonlea"
{carried over from last week}
"Anne of the Island"
{carrying over into next week}
by L. M. Montgomery

"Sounds in the Air:
The Golden Age of Radio"
by Norman Finkelstein
[YA nonfiction]
{carried over from last week}

"A Feast of Light" #
by Gunilla Norris
[children's fiction]
( oan)

"The Sixth Grade Nickname Game" #
by Gordon Korman
[children's fiction]

"Girl In The Mirror"
by Cousin Carrie
[teen fiction, Amish]

This Week's Fan Fiction

Amy's Punishment
A Little Women/Little Men crossover

One Careless Moment
New chapter added.  I've FINALLY updated this story.

"Ads" The World Turns
A humorous drabble

The Winning Slogan
an AU Another World nanofiction

The New Organist
a 7th Heaven sillyfic/drabble