Friday, May 20, 2011

New (Okay, not-so-new) Goals

This post is updated and modified from a post in one of my
old blogs.

I've decided to teach myself algebra and geometry. I flunked algebra three times, and I never took geometry. Math has always been hard for me because I have dyscalculia. So why do I want to teach myself these subjects? For the challenge, and to stretch my mind.
Why do I want to teach myself, rather than taking an online (it would have to be online,
because traveling is so difficult for me) course?
1: I need to be able to work at my own pace.
2: I am not doing this to get a grade or a degree.
I should say that this isn't my first, or even second, attempt to teach myself these subjects.
I tend to go gangbusters with my studies at first, and then gradually lose interest. That could be because, in the past, I spent too much time at it each day. This time, I'm setting a limit to how long I will study at one sitting by using an online TIMER.