Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Come one, come all to Sunday Snippets! Thanks to RAnn for hosting.   I've discovered some wonderful blogs here.

Books Read in the Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #
Classics are marked with a *

"Learning to Lean" # 
by Richard Maffeo
[non-fiction, Catholic]
(Amazon Kindle cloud reader)
 {Sunday book}
 "The Little Flowers of St. Francis"
translated by Raphael Brown
[non-fiction, Catholic] 
{Sunday book}
"All About The Angels"
by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P. (E.D.M.)
[non-fiction, Catholic]
 {Sunday book} 
"Life With Mother Superior"
 by Jane Trahey
[non-fiction, Catholic]
 {Sunday book}

"Elsie's Widowhood" 
{carried over from last week}
"Grandmother Elsie"
{carrying over into next week}
by Martha Finley
[children's fiction, Christian, (Protestant )]
(free Amazon Kindle books)

"Heidi" *
by Johanna Spyri
[children's fiction]
{carried over from last week}
My Baba read this in the original when she was a girl.
She told me that Fraulein Rottenmeier was the first
character in a book she ever hated. And she didn't think 
much of Dete either!

"Emma and I" #
by Sheila Hocken
{carrying over into next week; reading slowly}
( loan)

"Sensible Kate"
by Doris Gates
[children's fiction]
The first book I ever read in which someone dies.

"A Little Princess" *
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
[children's fiction]
(It's been YEARS since I've
read this book)

"The Home Has A Heart"
by Thyra Ferre Bjorn
[non-fiction; Christian (Protestant) themes, recipes, 
(May chapter only)

Newly Discovered Info about my Father

I found an article about a camera club being formed in a high school in New London, Wisconsin in 1938.  The Robert Brown mentioned in this article HAS to be my father, because:
1: He lived in New London, Wisconsin.
2: He would have been in high school at that time.
3: He later became a professional photographer.

Who knows?  Maybe someday I'll find, online, some of the photos he took back then.  I have quite a few he took years later; most of them feature ME!  In fact, once when I had my picture taken for graduation, the photographer remarked that I seemed to be very experienced in having my picture taken, and I replied that I was.
"Are you a model?" he asked.
"No," I replied.  "My father is a photographer."

This Week's Fan Fiction

Right now, I'm concentrating on Revealed Relationships, and I hope to begin posting several chapters a week.  Here is the link to the latest chapter.