Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Join me and other Catholic bloggers at Sunday Snippets. Thanks to RAnn for hosting!

Semper Gaudete!: Ordinary Things, Not An Ordinary Day

Semper Gaudete!: Spiritual Communion Prayer

Semper Gaudete!: Books Read in the Past Week

Books Read in the Past Week

"Dandelion Wine"
by Ray Bradbury

"Don't Get Perconel With a Chicken"
(children's writings, both non-fiction
and fiction, compiled by H. Allen Smith)

"Spencer's Mountain"
by Earl Hamner Jr.

"Meet The Malones"
by Lenora Mattingly Weber
(teen fiction)

Spiritual Communion Prayer

I love the Spiritual Communion prayer during the Mass
on EWTN. Right after that prayer, I pray silently, "My Jesus, I unite this
Spiritual Communion to all the sacramental Communions received this day
in the State of Grace. I wish to make reparation for all sacrilegious communions,
and for all the neglects, abuses, and outrages You suffer in this Sacrament of Your Love."

Ordinary Things, Not An Ordinary Day

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. That morning, I was warming up some biscuits. This was such a normal, ordinary thing for me to do. So was turning on the radio, but that day, for some reason, I didn't turn it on until it was time for Dan Daniel (Dandy Dan Daniel, Daniel Daniel Daniel, Triple D) to play the Backwards Oldie. This was a contest they had every morning around 9:00
on WCBS-FM. The beginning of a record would be played backwards, and the
listeners would try to identify the song.
About the first thing I heard was Dandy Dan telling us that there would be
no backwards oldie that day. I took out my biscuits, and wondered why.

I had just bitten into a warm, well-margarined biscuit when I found out why we weren't getting the backwards oldie that day. I rushed, biscuit in hand, to turn on the TV (but did not shut off the radio.).
It was a long time before I could eat biscuits again.