Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Post About Hats

I recently blogged about a hat I used to have, and one I'd just ordered.  Well, the new hat came a month later, from Malaysia.
I had no idea that it was going to come from there.
The hat arrived, not in a box, but in what looked like a trash bag.   In fact, I thought at first that it was a trash bag that had blown onto my porch.
As for the hat itself, it was wrinkled and creased.  I did manage to smooth out the wrinkles and creases, but it took awhile.  
Once the wrinkles and creases were gone, or, rather, ALMOST
gone, I put the applique sunflower I had in reserve on the front.
It turned out that one wasn't enough, so I ordered two more.
Now, was the hat shapeable?  Yes, but not very!  It didn't retain
the shapes I put it in for very long, and it soon began to look like a very old, battered hat.  Thank God it didn't cost too much!
I put the hat on a shelf with several other old hats.  And then I took down one I didn't remember having bought.  It's a straw bonnet, light tan or beige, rim longer in front, with red trim all
around the edges, and two holes on the sides where there used to be strings.  I think this hat originally belonged to Mom!
I transferred the sunflower to the front of this hat (on the crown), and added the two new ones when they arrived.
I wanted to do something about the holes, so I ordered these

They were described as adhesive, but the adhesive part only covered a small portion, and was adhesive for about one minute!  And the leaves came off as well!
So what did I do?  I attached a single cherry to two cherries (it took a bit of twisting!), and then I pushed the stem part through the hole, so that the cherries and part of the stem were on the outside.  It looked good, so I did the same with another set of two cherries and one single cherry.
So now I have a nice, cheerful-looking hat.
The cherries will be on it permanently, but I still plan to change the trimmings on the front every few months.
I'm really happy with my newly-trimmed hat.. and yet, I must admit that I miss the shapeable hat that was lost when I moved.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Book I Never Finished

Less than a year after I joined the Church, I borrowed a book
called Saint-watching, written by Phyllis McGinley, from the public library.  I've just borrowed it again, this time from, but, once again, I shall NOT be reading this book in its entirety.  I only want to quote a certain passage
accurately.  This book won't appear on my weekly reading list!
I remember being interested in the book, until I came to these
words on page 21:
"Then, as if to display the broad spectrum of sanctity, there are ignorant or clumsy-minded saints like prattling Theresa of Lisieux."
Ignorant? Clumsy-minded?  Actually, she was a subtle genius when it came to spiritual matters. 
I slammed the book shut, and did not read any more, nor have I ever read any other of Phyllis McGinley's works.  Perhaps I've
been missing out; I did enjoy her style until I came to her words
about my Patron Saint!
It may very well be time for me to give this writer another chance, to read one of her books. It won't, however, be a
book about the saints!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with  a #

Books, (except Sunday books) are grouped by author, and not necessarily in the order read.

Sunday book(s)
"Tom Playfair
or Making a Start" 
by Fr. Francis J. Finn, S.J.
[children's fiction]
(read online)

"Travelers Along the Way"
by Fr. Benedict Groeschel
[collective biography]
(Kindle book)

"Reproachfully Yours"
by Lucile Hasley
[non-fiction, humor]

Weekday Books
"An Old-Fashioned Girl"
{carried over from last week}
"Little Men"
(online book)
by Louisa May Alcott

"First Term at Malory Towers"
"Second Form at Malory Towers"
by Enid Blyton
[children's fiction]

"The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit" 
"The Story of Miss Moppet"
"The Tale of Tom Kitten"
by Beatrix Potter
[picture books.( in
"Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales") ]
(Kindle book)

"Tarry Awhile"
{carrying over into next week}
by Lenora Mattingly Weber
(Kindle book)

A Book for Weekdays AND Sundays
"The Imitation of Christ"
by Thomas A Kempis
[Kindle book]