Saturday, December 4, 2010

Through The Year With Mary

 I've just ordered this book by Karen Edmisten.   This will be my Daily Devotional book

for 2011.
Incidentally, I love Karen's book on the Rosary, and I love her blog!

Books Read in the Week of November 28th- December 4th

" "Black" Becomes a Rainbow: 
The Mother of a Baal Teshuvah Tells Her Story"
by Agi L. Bauer
[Jewish non-fiction]
{started last week, finished on Sunday}

"No Coins, Please"
by Gordon Korman
[children's fiction, humorous]
{started on Sunday, finished on Monday}

"You English Words"
by John Moore
{started on Monday, still reading}

"The Enchanted Circle"
by Libby Lazewnik
[Jewish fiction, teenagers]
{started on Monday, finished on Tuesday}

"The Summer of the Great-Grandmother"
by Madeleine L'Engle
[non-fiction, autobiography]
{started on Wednesday, still reading as of Saturday night}


Chanakuh. A time of great memories for me.
I remember arranging and re-arranging the candles
in the Menorah, and trying for a different color pattern
every day.
Now, Mom and I (remember, I still live with her; I blogged
about that a few weeks ago) simply light electric Menorahs,
one for the front window, one for the back window.
I remember Baba grating potatoes for latkes; now Mom
and I get our latkes from a store. I don't think we even
HAVE a potato grater.
Oh, for one of Baba's latkes!
Did I say "one"?
Honestly, could I eat just ONE?

I'm not entirely sure what this means, but it made me chuckle

I'm not entirely sure what this means, but it made me chuckle

This, I just HAD to share!

Amusement Park

I grew up within walking distance of Coney Island, but even closer to my apartment building, just down the block and across the street, was a small, but to a child, wonderful, amusement park.
I can't count the times my grandpa and I would walk down
The place was understaffed, with the workers going from ride
to ride. I can't remember a time when all of the rides were
running at once.  I remember waiting by, for example, the tilt-a-whirl (my all-time

favorite ride)... and waiting and waiting and waiting
There was one particular ride which I'd never been on, and really

wanted to try . It's funny, considering how I longed to ride that
ride, that I have forgotten which one it was.
I was sooooo disappointed when the operator told me that I was too young.
"You have to be in school to go on this ride."
I answered that I was in school, and the man scolded me for lying.
"But I am in school! I'm in NURSERY school!"
Grandpa told him off for calling me a liar, and then we walked  over to another ride.
As much as I loved going with my Grandpa, however, I longed for the time when
I would be old enough to go by myself. Like so many other little girls,
I wanted, oh HOW I wanted, to be thought of as a BIG girl.
But by the time I was old enough, the rides were gone.
"They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot."