Friday, January 13, 2012

Shopping For Old Books

Usually, when I shop for an old book, the first thing I
do is try to find a free online copy. More often than not,
the book I want is, indeed, available online for free. And, quite often, a physical
copy of that book would have cost me a beautiful buck. (I know the expression is
"a pretty penny," but what with inflation...)
If the book isn't available for free, I look for the least expensive copy, whether it
is an e-book or a physical, hold-in-my-hands book book.
Of course, I don't always find an affordable copy, and sometimes I don't find the book
at all, including on Open Library.
I love old books, and the format doesn't really matter all that much.
I love ordering e-books and getting them right away. Then again, I also
love looking forward to getting books in the mail.
Of course, the best part is actually READING the book!