Saturday, June 13, 2015

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with  a #

Books, (except Sunday books) are grouped by author, and not necessarily in the order read.

Sunday book(s)
"Kitty In The Middle"
"Kitty in the Summer"
"Kitty in High School"
by Judy Delton
[children's fiction]

"Travelers Along the Way"
by Fr. Benedict Groeschel
[collective biography/autobiography]

"No Wonder They Call It
The Real Presence.
Lives changed by Christ in
Eucharistic Adoration"
by David Pearson

Weekday Books
"Little Women, Part I
Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy"
{carried over from last week}
"Little Women, Part ll
Good Wives"
{carrying over into next week
by Louisa May Alcott

"The Patchwork Quilt"
by Adele de Leeuw
[children's fiction, historical]
(I read this book years ago and was
glad to be able to buy it at last!)

"The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle"
by Beatrix Potter
[picture book.( in
"Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales") ]
(Kindle book)
I love the references to her earlier stories!

"A Little Girl of Long Ago" #
by Eliza Orne White
[children's fiction, historical, published in the 1890s, set in the 1820s]
(free online book)

A Book for Weekdays AND Sundays
"The Imitation of Christ"
by Thomas A Kempis
[Kindle book]

My Friend Tony

And yep, I mean St. Anthony of Padua, whose Feast is today!
How many times have people prayed some version of the prayer:
"Tony, Tony, come around.
Something's lost and must be found"?
I know St. Anthony is ALWAYS helping me find stuff.
Years ago, when I had just recently converted to Catholicism, I called
Mom at work (It was her usual break time.)
Mom said, "I can't talk right now. We're missing an important file and
we've looked all over for it."
"Okay," I said, "call me back when it turns up."
Well, within five minutes she called me. The file had been found.
"Aren't you going to thank me?" I asked.
"Thank you? What for? You're not even here."
"I know," I said, "but who do you think prayed to St. Anthony?"
More recently, I was chatting with a couple of my online friends, and
one of them was going slightly nuts because she had misplaced something, and couldn't find it anywhere. I said a prayer to St. Anthony, and then typed,
"Try looking again."
She didn't want to, but I persuaded her. And then she typed, in caps
"I FOUND IT!!!!!!"
I wasn't a bit surprised!
Does St. Anthony ALWAYS get lost articles back for me? Well, almost! One morning I couldn't find my Rosary. I looked. I prayed. To my surprise, I still did
not find it. But later that morning, I received a brand-new, beautiful Rosary from a Catholic organization. I'm almost SURE I heard St. Anthony chuckling.
BTW, the lost Rosary did turn up eventually.
Of course, there's much more to St. Anthony than just running the Lost and Found! :)

Updated in 2013 to add Fr. Anthony's very inspirational homily.