Thursday, November 8, 2012


I haven't blogged much about Sandy and its aftermath.
Debris, debris, and more debris outside. 
(Thank God, the Sanitation Department was FINALLY able to haul it away)
Sand on the SIDEWALK and in our yard.
And today, SNOW!
This is the most severe storm we've EVER had in Brooklyn, the first time we've had so much debris in so many places, AND the first time a hurricane (some people are calling this a superstorm; what other people are calling it I won't repeat!) has been followed by snow.
This wasn't just weather; this wasn't your average storm;  this wasn't even usual  kind of a hurricane.  This was something special. This was historical. 
Years from now, people will be talking about how their great-great-great- grandparents were just little children when Sandy happened.