Sunday, February 5, 2012

Morning Offering, Morning Coffee, Morning Prayer, Morning Mass, Morning Snack

I'm an early riser. The radio, tuned to WCBS-FM comes on at 5:55 in the morning. So I usually wake up to music. Of course, sometimes I wake up to a "Meow!"
if Winky awakens before I do!
I bless myself with holy water, and make my Morning Offering. Then, after awhile, I make my first cup of coffee.

(I put everything out the night before. This saves time in the morning)
I usually drink that first cup rather quickly; it is my wake-up-all-the-way-and-get-going cup.
A bit later, awake and alert, I pray Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.
After Mass on EWTN, I make a second cup of coffee. This is my Bible-in-hand cup, my
sip-it-slowly-and-savor-the-flavor cup. With this second cup, and my Bible, I have a light snack (My full breakfast comes later)
It may be a slice of bread (usually rye) and margarine. Perhaps it is a slice of challah, or half of a challah roll. Sometimes, it is a piece of raisin bread. Or it could be half of a bagel with a schmear. Yummmy!
No matter what the snack is, this is just a nice, relaxing moment.