Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Join me and other Catholic bloggers at Sunday Snippets. Thanks to RAnn for hosting.

Semper Gaudete!: Expanding My Collection

Semper Gaudete!: "Francie Nolan" Trees

Semper Gaudete!: Books Read in the Past Week

Books Read in the Past Week

"Beany and the Beckoning Road"
by Lenora Mattingly Weber
(teen fiction)

"Children of the Series
& How They Grew
or A Century of Heroines & Heroes,
Romantic, Comic, Moral"
by Faye R. Kensinger
{I've discovered, through this book, several series
I'd like to read.  Thank God, many of them are available
online for free.}

"Francie Nolan" Trees

There are several "Francie Nolan" trees outside my window. Oh, that 

is not their official, botanical name. It is what I call them because that
is the species of tree Betty Smith used to symbolize Francie Nolan in
"A Tree Grows In Brooklyn."
Sometimes, when I look at those trees, I imagine that they are
palm trees on a tropical island. And, in fact, they are on an island.
After all, Brooklyn is, geographically, a part of Long Island.

Expanding My Collection

I've expanded my Rosary Pictures collection to include icons.
I may, at some future time, also include online images of stained glass windows.