Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcoming The New Mass For Human Life

This is from Fr. Frank Pavone's

Not A Pleasant Read

I've recently read
"Drowning Anna"
by Sue Mayfield
(JHS-HS level)
I did not find this book to a pleasant read; it was, in fact, disturbing. Any book that
begins with a suicide attempt is bound to be disturbing, to say the least!
However, therein lies the book's merits; a book of this nature, on how far bullying
can go, how it can destroy a person, really OUGHT to be unpleasant and disturbing. After all,
such things should not be taken lightly. A light, fluffy book on this subject would have annoyed, no, infuriated me.
Minimal use of bad language, including one use of the "f" word; I, personally, could do without that!

This book was originally published in Great Britain as "Blue".
In my opinion, "Drowning Amy" is a much better title.