Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pro-Abortion Priest

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A priest who speaks out in favor of abortion?
This priest is seriously misguided and needs our prayers.

Help Keep Fr. Frank on the Virtual Road

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Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about one of the books I am currently reading.
In "the teen-ager's guide to collecting practically anything" (title is in lower-case)
Norah Smaridge and Hilda Hunter write: "The whole point of making a collection is to end up with something of interest to others."
And here I thought that the point, if any, to a collection is to collect something I, myself, am interested in. I thought that collecting was a hobby, something done for one's own amusement and enjoyment at one's leisure.
This book, however, seems, so far, to be aimed at teen-agers who want to collect for profit.
On the plus side, there are some fascinating anecdotes, and the authors do mention some interesting things to collect. I enjoy reading about collecting just about as much as I enjoy
working on my own collection.
Would I have enjoyed this book when I was a teen-ager? As the saying goes, the jury
is out on that one.