Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Four Year Anniversary

Many people have discovered EWTN by "accident" (more likely, through Providence) while channel-surfing. I found EWTN on the Solemnity of All Saints, 2007, because I was looking for a televised Mass. I wanted to at least see and hear Mass, since I was unable to go.
I checked the Guide on my television. There were several Masses about to be broadcast. What was it that made me choose the Mass on EWTN?
1: The letter "L", indicating that it was a live Mass.
2: The fact that it was broadcast from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.
(I have a deep devotion to Our Lady, and to the Angels; the name of my parish
Church is "Guardian Angel.)
The next day, I once again watched the live morning Mass on EWTN; I have watched every day since November 1st, 2007. And on those all-too-rare days
when I am able to actually get to Mass, I watch the later broadcast.
EWTN has been a great blessing in my life.