Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Something Tangible

I love my working on my three online collections: my Rosary Art Collection, my Vintage Media Collection, and my Chocolate Collection. But lately, I began thinking that I would also like to have a collection that is not on the computer. I wanted a collection that I could physically handle; something tangible. However, it had to be something that was affordable, and would take up as little space as possible. Above all, of course, it had to be something that I would enjoy collecting. What did I decide to collect? Decorative magnets! I started my collection by moving a magnet from the downstairs hall radiator, where it was serving np purpose whatsoever, to the door of my refrigerator. I was delighted to find a picture of that magnet online!
And yes, I am also buying magnets for my collection. [note that I said "affordable," not "free" earlier in this post! :)] However, I have set a limit on how much I will spend on my collection each month, with any leftover money carrying over into the next month.
Here is a picture of the first set of magnets I ordered.
Tomorrow I hope to make a post about exactly what kinds of decorative magnets I collect, and what kinds I do not collect.