Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunday Snippets-- A Catholic Carnival

Well, once again it is time to hop over to RAnn's blog for Sunday Snippets, where Catholic bloggers like me share our posts.  I've discovered some wonderful blogs here.   How about sharing yours?

Semper Gaudete! : New Image In Collection

Semper Gaudete! : Why The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series Appeals To Me

Semper Gaudete! : WARNING: Very disturbing news article

Semper Gaudete! : Books Read In The Past Week

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with  a #

Books, (except Sunday books) are grouped by author, and not necessarily in the order read.

Sunday books
"The Best Foot Forward
and Other Stories"
by Fr. Francis J. Finn, S.J.
[children's fiction, Catholic]
(free online book)
"The Interior Castle"
by St. Teresa of Avila

Weekday Books
"Bertie Comes Through"
by Henry Gregor Felsen
[teen fiction]
{carried over from last week}
(This was a great favorite of mine in high school and junior high school)

"The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Tough"
"The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Caught"
by Neta Jackson
[Religious fiction, series, Protestant, multi-denominational and non-denominational](I've figured out why the Yada Yada books 
appeal to me. It's in this post.)

"Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia" #
by Peggy Parish
[picture book]
( loan)

"Honk the Moose" #
by Phil Stong
[children's fiction]
( loan)

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit"
by Beatrix Potter
[picture book]
In "The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter"
( loan)
after typing this, I bought a copy on
Kindle.  Some books should be owned.

"Ministering Angels
A Study of Nineteenth-Century
Evangelical Writing  for Children"
by Margaret Nancy Cutt
{carrying over into next week}
"The Moffats"
by Eleanor Estes
[children's fiction]
( loan)
another book lost when I
moved.  Thank God I can
read it online for free!
{carrying over into next week}

A Book for Weekdays AND Sundays
"The Imitation of Christ"
by Thomas A Kempis
[Kindle book]

WARNING: Very disturbing news article

This is one of the most disturbing reports I've ever seen.
I'm praying that the witnesses to this horrific crime won't be
traumatized for life; and I'm praying the same thing for the
officers who responded.  I can't imagine any training that could 
steel them to something like this.
I've also been trying to pray for the woman who did this, because she needs to be prayed for.  But.... it isn't easy.
The only one who doesn't need any prayers is that sweet, innocent baby... she died.