Monday, November 21, 2011


In the first chapter of "Beezus and Ramona", Beezus takes Ramona to the library, and borrows a picture book to read to her. Also, in this chapter, Ramona wants to learn how to write her name, the way Beezus writes her name. However, Ramona is not satisfied with the way "Ramona" looks in script; there are no dots or lines as in "Beatrice".
But, being Ramona, she creates her own version of "Ramona" in script!
And when the day comes to return the book to the library, Ramona insists that it is HER book.
When it is explained to her that the book belongs to the library, Ramona goes sulkily to her room to get the book.
She comes back and informs her mother and sister that it is, too, her book, because she has written her name in it.
And indeed she had! On EVERY SINGLE PAGE, in purple crayon! Remember?
Fast-forward to the last chapter. Aunt Beatrice comes to dinner to help celebrate Beezus's
birthday, bringing a cake from a bakery. (Ramona had managed to ruin two, yes TWO cakes!)
We learn that, as children, Beezus and Ramona's mother and aunt didn't always get along!
But the worst thing that the younger sister, Aunt Beatrice, ever did was to write her name
on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of her sister's brand new autograph album! Remember?
I have to admit that it was only recently that the similarity between these two incidents occurred to me.
And perhaps we can imagine either Beezus, or Ramona, someday having a daughter who writes
her name on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of her older sister's book!