My First Word Was "Read!"

When I was very little, perhaps a year old, I crawled over to my mother with a book in my hand and said, or rather demanded, "Read!"
Well, what I actually said was "Wead!" but let's not quibble!
Books I Plan To Read (Or re-read!)
not necessarily in this order
 Of course, I will also be reading books not listed here!

"The City Boy"
  by Herman Wouk

"A Chance Wild Apple"
by Marian Potter

"A Clown Like Me"
by Joan L. Oppenheimer

 "Rilla of Ingleside"
 by L. M. Montgomery

"These Happy Golden Years"
"The First Four Years"
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

"The Middle Moffat"
"Rufus M."
"The Moffat Museum"
by Eleanor Estes

"A history of the town of Gravesend, N.Y"
by A. P. (Austin Parsons). Stockwell, and Wm. H. Stillwell
[online book]

"Prairie School"
"Strawberry Girl"
"Blue-Ridge Billy"
"Puritan Adventure"
by Lois Lenski

"The Promise"
by Chaim Potok

"A Tree Grows In Brooklyn"
"Tomorrow Will Be Better"
"Joy in the Morning"
by Betty Smith

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