Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let The Buyer Beware!

Remember those ads in the back of comic books? Back in the 1960s
I saw one for pieces of cloth cut from hotel sheets, and pillowcases used by The Beatles while they were touring America.
I did NOT buy one of those pieces of cloth, for several reasons.
1: I had no proof that these articles were authentic. Proof, to me, would have been actually
seeing a Beatle using the object in question.
2: A little piece of cloth could disappear very easily.
3: (My main reason) I'd MUCH rather spend my money on their RECORDS than on a piece of cloth!

Another time, my friend Jack (who was almost two years younger than I was) and I came across an ad, again at the back of a comic book, for "Hit Songs". Jack wanted to send for it, but I said,
"It says "Hit Songs", but it doesn't say "By the original artists." For all we know, it could be a bunch of recordings by some kindergarten band."
So neither of us sent for that record.
Of course, the offers may have been perfectly legit.. but then again...!!

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