Thursday, January 29, 2015

Power Failure [Most of this is copied from my Notepad]

I had a power failure on Friday.  The light and everything else went
off.  It lasted about a minute, but that was long enough.
I was able to turn my TV back on (Thank God!   I'd go crazy if, on
top of everything else, I couldn't watch the Mass on EWTN.), and
reset the clock on my radio, but as of this writing (Monday, 6:26 PM...
I'm writing this post in dribs and drabs on Notepad), I still have no phone
and no Internet.
I can still read some books in my Kindle Cloud Reader, but none of my
Google Play books.  Worse, I can't access, and that
means I could wind up with overdue books.  I wonder how they handle
I'm pretty sure some of the crops I have on FarmVille will wither,but it's not as if they cost actual money to plant.
The worst part is not being able to contact my online friends, and
not being able to post updates for The Share-Care-Prayer Club.
And now it is Tuesday, and we had a blizzard.  There was a whole
list on TV of places that were closed. They might just as well have said:
And now it is Thursday, and I'm back online [obviously, I'm back online!]