Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've just prayed Evening Prayer 1 for the First Sunday in Advent.
And so begins another liturgical year, another cycle.
I love Advent. It's such a thoughtful, joyful time of preparation. I love that we
have different seasons, and ordinary time, too.

I'm including links to a couple of Advent calendars.

EWTN Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar from The Mary Page

Prayer Veil

Adapted, renamed, and greatly expanded from a short post in one of my old blogs.

I have a prayer veil, which I purchased from EWTN's online religious store.
I wear it at these times:
1: When I am able to get to Mass.
2: When I watch the live Mass on EWTN.
3: When I watch Benediction and Devotions, Sunday evenings on EWTN.
4: When I pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

I know that it isn't strictly necessary for me to wear this prayer veil, but I think it is a beautiful custom; it enhances the mitzvah.
(I love that Jewish word, mitzvah, and praying is definitely a mitzvah!)