Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BIG Trouble Brewing in the Middle East?

Patrick Madrid posted this on Facebook.
He is absolutely right; we need to pray about this!

To Veil, or Not To Veil, that WAS the Question

This post, adapted and expanded from an older one, has so much new material that I am  considering it to be a brand-new post.
For some time after my return to the Catholic Church, I weighed the pros and cons of wearing a prayer veil, or mantilla.  And I must  admit that I was concerned about how others may view it.  Would they see it as a silent admission of my inferiority to men?   On the other hand, would they see it as showing off?  "Look how pious I am; I'm wearing a veil!"
But then I realized that I shouldn't worry about what others might think about my wearing a veil.  The question was whether or not I felt that wearing a veil was right for me.  
(It was so much simpler when women and girls  were  EXPECTED to cover their heads in Church.) 
I debated back and forth with myself, "Should I wear a veil?  Shouldn't I wear a veil?" but to no avail.  
What finally made me decide in favor of the mantilla? 
Part of it was that I am a Jewish convert, and Jewish women ALWAYS cover their heads in the synagogue. 
Part was watching the live Mass on EWTN, and seeing some of the women and girls there with their heads veiled. 
Part of it was that I'm on a fixed income, and really dressy clothes 
are not it my budget, especially since I am seldom able to get to Mass.
A nice lace veil would make my head, at least, look dressy for the Lord, and at the same time be a sign of humility, of submission to God.
I waited for a few weeks, to make sure that wearing a veil wasn't just a whim on my part, and then I made my decision:
I was going to buy, and wear, a veil.
I  now have three prayer veils, which I  purchased through  the EWTN Religious Catalogue.
I wear the mantilla whose color I consider appropriate for the day [black for weekdays, blue, shown above, for Saturdays and Our Lady's feast days, and white for Sundays] at the following times:
1: When I am able to get to Mass.
2: When I watch the live Mass on EWTN.
3: When I watch Benediction and Devotions, Sunday evenings on EWTN.
4: When I pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

5: When I visit a live online Adoration site.

 For me,  wearing a prayer veil at these times enhances the mitzvah. (I love that Jewish word, mitzvah, and praying is definitely a mitzvah!)