Saturday, February 12, 2011

Books Read in the Past Week

"Rose In Bloom"
{started last week, finished on Sunday }
by Louisa May Alcott

"A week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers"
[mentioned in "Rose In Bloom"]
{started last week}
by Henry David Thoreau
[Google e-book (free!) ]
So far, I'm enjoying this book, although I do not
agree with what Thoreau says about religion.

"Meet Hattie"
{started on Sunday, finished on Monday}
"Hattie's Faraway Family"
{read on Monday}
"Hattie's Holidays"
{read on Monday}
"Hattie's Adventures"
{read on Monday}
by Marie Hibma Frost
(children's fiction, Christian [Protestant] )

"Mostly The Meldons"
{read on Monday}
by Decie Merwin
(children's fiction)

"Books I Love"
{started on Monday}
[Former library book, discarded and put on sale.
How could I resist a book with that title???]

"A Yardstick For Jessica"
{read on Tuesday}
"Jill's Story"
{read on Wednesday}
by Jean Fiedler
(children's fiction)

"The New House At The Chalet School"
{started on Wednesday, finished on Thursday}
"Jo Returns To The Chalet School"
{started on Thursday, finished on Saturday}
"The New Chalet School"
{started on Saturday}
by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
(children's fiction)