Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rehousing My Break-Off Collection

I was tired of keeping my collection in a dresser drawer, so I decided to do something about it.  I transferred my Break-Offs to a shoe box, and then I put the box on one of my bookshelves.  The shoe box has a good, tight lid, so Winky can't get at the collection. 
I'd planned, at one time, to put my Break-Offs into one or more of those rectangular plastic  containers with clear covers that Chinese food comes in. That didn't work, however, because no matter how much I washed them, they were still too greasy.
I'm thinking of buying some clear plastic food containers, and then arranging the items in my collection by size and/or by what they are made of. But I refuse to spend more than $5.00 at the very most.  After all, I don't spend any money on the items in this collection.