Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy New Year!

Yes, at one time March 25th was the first day of the year.
I found this passage in "John of Pudding Lane", by Mabel Leigh Hunt:
"Do you not remember it is Lady Day, the first day of the year 1719?  And for once your father's almanac is right, for it says: 'March the twenty-fifth.  About this time expect sleet and foul weather.' "
As soon as I read that, I knew I had to blog about it.

A Post I HAVE to Share

I came across this post, and, as a "Betsy-Tacy" and "Little House" fan, I just HAD to share it.

For Today's Solemnity (re-post, slightly edited)

In Honor of the Solemnity of The Annunciation,

I am pleased to present all the images of The Annunciation in my Rosary Art Collection, (so far!)