Thursday, November 17, 2011

Red Sour Balls

I loved red sour balls when I was a little girl, and yet,
I never bought one. Never once.
I remember walking on Brighton Beach Avenue with my Grandpa, and stopping in a store that
sold appetizers. Even now, I can almost smell the pickles; I can see the olives.
But I was a little girl. Pickles and olives didn't really interest me.
What interested me? The candy. The bins and bins of cellophane-wrapped candy. Round, flat peppermints. Lemon-drops. Caramels. And sour balls of various colors: orange, yellow, green, purple, and, of course, red!
And other candies, too many for me to remember.
And always, there were several candies in the wrong bins. And always, I would put them
back where they belonged. And always, the owner of the store would let me have a piece of
candy for "helping out".
And always, I chose a red sour ball.
It's been years since I've had a red sour ball. From time to time I've thought about buying some.
But would they taste the same?