Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunday Snippets-- A Catholic Carnival

Come one come all, to Sunday Snippets ! Thanks to RAnn for hosting!  I've discovered some wonderful blogs here.  How about sharing yours?

Books Read in the Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #

"In A Great Tradition
Tribute to Dame Laurentia McLachlan,
Abbess of Stanbrook" #
by The Benedictines of Stanbrook
(I am very glad to have this book.  Rumer Godden
wrote in In This House of Brede: "All of the characters
in this book are imaginary, but many of the episodes
are based on fact; some are taken from the life and
sayings of Dame Laurentia McLachlan and Sister Mary
Ann McArdle of Stanbrook Abbey."

"In This House of Brede,"
by Rumer Godden
{Sunday Books}

"The Imitation of Mary In Four Books" #
by Alexander De Rouville
Revised and Edited by Matthew J. O'Connell
[devotional reading, Catholic]
(one chapter a day; more on Sunday

"Son of Interflux"
by Gordon Korman
[YA fiction]

"Lily's Ultimate Party"
"Ask Lily"
by Nancy Rue
 [children's fiction, Christian, Protestant, no denomination specified.

"Stranger Online"
by Carol Smith
( series, created by Terry K. Brown
[children's fiction, Christian, (Protestant, denomination
 or denominations not specified ) ]
( loan)
Some, but not all, of the books in this series
were lost when I moved, so thank God for
free online books!

"Two Sides of a Coin"
by Miriam Elias
[children's fiction, Judaica]

"The Mother-Daughter Book Club" #
by Heather Vogel Frederick
[children's fiction]
{carrying over into next week}

This Week's Fan Fiction

23rd Precinct

New chapter added