Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Week's Fan Fiction

Here is the fan fiction I posted this week.

Interview With a Semi-Barbaric Princess

This is adapted from a composition I wrote many, many
years ago for my tenth grade English class.

Car Bomb: A Story in Five Versions

This story was inspired by an episode of "Third Watch."
Amy Carlson, who played Alex Taylor on that show,

had previously played Josie Sinclair on "Another World."
(Nobody gets killed in this fanfic.)

Never the Same

I have to admit that writing the first chapter of this
story took a lot out of me.

Dante's Dilemma

This one is a reworking of a story I started several months ago.

23rd Precinct

This is a rewritten version of one of my older stories.

New Image in my Rosary Art Collection

Here is the latest addition to my Rosary Art Collection.