Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catholic 24/7

This is slightly, very slightly, modified from one of my other blogs.

I am a Catholic, 24/7, awake or asleep. Whatever I do, I do as a Catholic. Of course, not all activities are in themselves Catholic per se. Eating, for example, is not predominately Catholic; it is a universal, and universally necessary activity. :) Making the Sign of the Cross and saying the "Bless us, O Lord" prayer before eating, and the "We give Thee thanks for all Thy benefits" prayer after is Catholic.
Reading, in itself, is not Catholic. Reading the Holy Bible [I prefer the Revised Standard Version], books by or about Saints, or any Catholic devotional and/or instructional book is Catholic. Watching TV is another activity not Catholic in and of itself, unless the programming is Catholic, for example, everything on EWTN. Saying a few Hail Mary's or some other prayer while I fast-forward through the commercials and/or scenes I don't care to watch on the secular programs [and thank God for tapes, DVRs, and fast-forward!]is Catholic.
Just one or two more examples. Being on my computer is not particularly Catholic; visiting Catholic websites is.
Singing, just plain singing, is not especially Catholic. Singing something like "Hail, Holy Queen", however.... aw, you know!
In other words, whatever I do, I do as a Catholic, but there are certain things I do specifically because I am a Catholic.
If I have to separate something in my life from the fact that I am a Catholic, then
that thing does not belong in my life.