Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adding to my Offline Collection

I've just ordered another decorative magnet online.

I didn't need to make an account with the store, because they are partnered with, and I already have an account. (I've had it almost as long as
I've been online.)
Another plus is that shipping is free. And that, for me, is a TREMENDOUS plus!
But was there a difficult part? Yes. The hard part was selecting
just one magnet out of so many. (I have to economize SOMEWHERE.)
So how did I finally decide which magnet to order now, and which
magnets can wait until later?
These seven simple words (okay, six words and one number!) helped me to make my decision:
"Only 4 left in stock. Order soon."
But deciding what to buy now, and what can wait until later is part of the fun of having
an offline collection.