Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stretching a Drink; Free Online Books, "Coffee Soup"

I recently discovered this raspberry-flavored drink.  The flavor is strong enough for me to be able to add water to it TWICE when
it gets down to the words "with vitamins," and still have a nice raspberry drink.  This is great for me, because, being on a limited income, I have to save money where I can.

That's also why I get, or read, books for free online whenever possible.  That's another way to save money.  In fact, if the money I save this way could somehow be automatically added to my bank account, I'd probably be wealthy by now.

A third way in which I save money is this:  After I've had my morning coffee, I don't throw the grounds away.   I leave them in my electric coffee-maker and, later in the morning, I break either bread, crackers, or half of a package of ramen noodles into a plastic bowl which originally contained a pint of won-ton soup from the local Chinese restaurant.  I then place that bowl where the cup usually goes, and add water to the reservoir, as if I were making a second cup of coffee. This gives me a pleasant dish that I've named "coffee soup."