Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Come one, come all, to Sunday Snippets ! Thanks to RAnn for hosting! 
 I've discovered some wonderful blogs here.

Semper Gaudete!: New Images in Rosary Art Collection

Semper Gaudete!: Baltimore Ravens Player Skips White House Visit Because Obama Backs Abortion

Semper Gaudete!: Today's Homily - 2013-06-07 - Fr. Anthony Mary MFVA - Sacred Heart

Semper Gaudete!: Adapting A Jewish Ritual for Ending the Sabbath

Semper Gaudete!: I Think I Made a Mistake This Week

 Semper Gaudete!: Your Suggestions

Semper Gaudete!: This Week's Fan Fiction
  Semper Gaudete!: Books Read in the Past Week

Books Read in the Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #

"The Little Flowers of St. Francis"

translated by Raphael Brown

[non-fiction, Catholic] 

{Sunday book}
"Harry Dee #
or Working it Out"
by Fr. Francis J. Finn, S.J.
[children's fiction, Catholic]
{Sunday book}

"The Two Elsies"
{carried over from last week}
(free Amazon Kindle book)
"Elsie's Kith and Kin"
by Martha Finley
[children's fiction, Christian, (Protestant), series ]

"Heaven to Betsy"
{carried over from last week} 
by Maud Hart Lovelace
 [children's/young adult fiction based on the lives
of the author, her family, and her friends]

"The Betsy-Tacy Companion"
by Sharla Scannell Whalen
(reading in conjunction with the Betsy-Tacy books)

"Ride out the Storm" #
by  Margaret E. Bell
[Young Adult fiction]
( loan)

"grace notes"
by Dandi Daley Mackall
(children's fiction, Christian [Protestant],
Faithgirlz! Blog On series)
{carrying over into next week}

Your Suggestions

If you would like to suggest any new features for this blog, please add a comment to this post. Thanks!

I Think I Made a Mistake This Week

Let me preface this post by saying that if anyone is hurt or offended by it, I apologize.
Earlier this week, I received a comment on one of my posts that upset me.  Okay, I'll
admit that I tend to get upset a bit too easily; I am too easily hurt by anything that seems
like criticism.  I take things a bit too personally sometimes. 
So, and this was probably a mistake, I deleted the comment rather than responding to it, rather than letting anyone else see it.  I believe now that this may have been the cowardly thing to do.  I also may have missed an opportunity for an interesting discussion on this blog!
One more thing: From now on, instead of sharing so many articles on the negative things said and done by pro-abortionists, I'm going to focus more on the positive actions of pro-lifers.

Adapting A Jewish Ritual for Ending the Sabbath

I've adapted a Jewish custom for concluding my Sabbath on Sunday evenings.
The Jewish ceremony for ending the Sabbath (Shabbos or Shabbat) is called
Havdala, and it is beautiful.  (I've never actually seen it, but I've read about it.)
One part of the ritual... the part I've adapted... consists of sniffing fragrant spices before saying the final prayer that closes the Sabbath. In order to incorporate this into my own Sabbath-ending ritual, I first needed something to serve as a spice box.  So, I ordered  this olive wood Rosary box from the EWTN catalog.
 It comes, quite fittingly, from Israel.  I keep the box next to my electric (for safety) Sabbath candle. The spices I've placed in it are whole cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  (These are among the spices traditionally used as part of Havdala; but any good-smelling spices may be used.)

This Week's Fan Fiction

Chapter 18 of "Revealed Relationships" is now up.