Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Secular Amusements on Sunday

The other day, I posted about my Sunday reading. Now, I'm going to talk about secular amusements.
I don't think that innocent amusements are wrong on Sunday, in fact, they can help to enhance the observance, as long as they don't take precedence. How many times have we heard, "What's allowed on Monday is allowed on Sunday?"
I love to play games on the computer, and on my TV, but mostly on the computer. However, on Sundays I like to play different games than I do during the week.
On weekdays, I play a variety of games, both online and offline, but on Sundays, I play only
Beach Solitaire (on my TV) and a few games on MahJong Suite, which is a collection of solitaire MahJong games.
The reason I play different games on Sunday from those I play during the week is that I like a change on Sunday.

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