Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Long-Promised Post

I said a long time ago that someday I would blog about what I feel to be unnecessary changes in the paperback edition of Amy Moves In, by Marilyn Sachs.  
That day has come, at long, long last!
In the original, Amy is trying to remember whether she has a nickel or a penny left over from her allowance; she is almost sure that it is a nickel.  The original version has, "Well, after all,
a penny is better than nothing!"  The paperback: "It was a nickel!"
I never understood why it was changed; the original was more

Another unnecessary change is the incorporation of a letter from the first chapter of Laura's Luck, also by Marilyn Sachs, into the last chapter of Amy Moves In.

In spite of these minor changes, however,  even the paperback version of Amy Moves In is well worth reading.  And yet it took ten years for this book to be accepted by a publisher.

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