Saturday, April 22, 2017

So Judgmental, And So Wrong

Remember this scene from 7th Heaven?  Honestly, how judgmental can people get???? Did it occur to anyone that
Lucy might have been babysitting?  Did they consider that she might actually have been telling the truth?
I loved it when she told that woman off!

Yes, I realize it was just a tv show, but things like this also happen in real life.  My niece was well into her teens when her
baby sister, and, a year later, her baby brother, were born.

And I, myself, had a similar experience years ago, when I was fourteen.  I was buying a book of baby names (I've always been fascinated by names and their meanings) when a woman asked me, "Is that for your mother, or an older sister?"
"It's for myself," I answered.
She then asked my age, and I told her that I was fourteen.
"Why," she gasped, "you little slut!"
I glared at her and said, "I am NOT PREGNANT, and YOU have a FILTHY MIND!"
"If you're not pregnant," she demanded, "why did you buy yourself a book of baby names?"
"I don't owe you an explanation. You owe me an apology!"
Yes, I could have told her why I bought the book, but at the time I didn't think it was any of her business.  I still don't think so!

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